Tips On How To Have Bigger Breasts

Everyone loves to have a good shaped breast. Most of the women would do anything to obtain such a breast; they apply all kinds of lotions, serum and even try plastic surgery.

The most important question is why would women want to enhance their breast? Well the answer is quite simple. Women with nice shapely breast would have a confidence within them, while without shape; the women would feel insecure and feel shy.



The insecurity arises due to the influence of external beauty in our society. But if you’re planning to enhance your shape then there are methods by which you can enhance your shape without use of lotions or plastic surgery. Now the question arises, how to have bigger breasts?


The main tip to obtain nice bust is by exercise, they have no expenses and no side effects. They would give your breast a firm and natural look than any artificial means. Another important advantage of exercise is that it would prevent your breast from sagging, as the chance of sagging is high when size and age increases. Since the muscles would be firmer and stronger; in youth. Most of the breast shaping exercise can be done at home and does not require any expertise.

Only thing you must consider is that you must be regular and make a schedule for doing exercise then only you will get desired results.


Another method is by regular massage of breast. Massage would increase the blood flow through the breast and would help in enlarging them. When you plan to do massage, start from the upper half of your breast, then go slowly to the lower portion. Massaging around the nipples would also help in increasing the size of breast as the massaging the nipples would create a similar effect to that of child feed and thereby increasing the blood and hormonal secretion thought the breast.

You must have noticed how the size of women’s breast increase during pregnancy and breast-feeding is the main reason to that. It is that during this period the hormone production like estrogen would increase and make the breast bigger, so that the child can be fed. So massaging is considered to be the cheapest and the easiest method to obtain bigger breast.



Besides the above-mentioned tip, you can also improve your breast size by a proper diet that your dietician prescribes. Follow strict diet plan and your will obtain your breast in shape and fit.